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Water Museum


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Water Museum

The Water Museum of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Larissa is a plan that began to be realized. Already became the preliminary architectural study and shortly will begin the process of the manufacture of the work.

It will be placed in the not used, old buildings, where are the reservoirs in which was becoming in the past the infiltration of the water in order to become potable and to be channelled then in the water supply network of the city.

Since there is tradition of frequent visits, mainly of school students, in the premises of DEYAL, there was the thought of the re-use of all of this building group, that today presents marks of abandonment, with organised way. With this way it becomes a more essential presentation of the importance of the element of the water in life but also of the work that is realized today in DEYAL.

The need of existence of a space like this, is becoming more imperative in our days for the awareness of the citizens in the use of water and in the growth of ecological perception, as far as concerns this precious element of nature.

The museum will function as a representative of the water and its protection with a different and more amusing way that will allow to the public to make its own opinion and to lead to its own conclusions concerning this subject. The museum will lead the theory into real live experiences. It will underline the need for a permanent educational exhibition that will show the historical importance, the cultural ramifications and the increasing threats in a fundamental element which all of us take it as granted.

Histories of the relation of humans with water, said via the art of video as well as via exhibits, will provide a more dynamic environment in order to be cultivated a perception for the water and its importance in present and past events.

The structure of the museum will have 4 units with different thematic content:
• Unit 1 - Acquaintance with the water, Circle of water in the nature: In this unit will be being presented the chemistry of the water and will be take place the presentation of the consistence of the water as well as its basic attributes.
• Unit 2 - The Water in our Life, Uses of water: In this unit will be being presented the multiple uses of the water in humans life, as well as the possibilities that are provided by its use.
• Unit 3 - Presentation of DEYAL and its activities: In this unit will be take place the acquaintance with the Enterprise, the activities and its provided Services, with historical retrospections and its current form.
• Unit 4 - Game with water, Periodical exhibits: In this unit someone will be able to play with the water, to feel and use it. Games that examine the knowledge of visitors concerning the water, games that use water as motive force and as a way of the production of music, water jets that dance following the movement of the body, are becoming the means in order to be strengthened the relation of humans with the nature of the water.

In the surrounding area of the building will be created a "Water Park" with various little makings and water jets that will be combined with courses in the old premises and visitation in the existing Water Tower.