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Culture Folk Culture - People Lykion ton Ellinidon Larissa

Dancing group of "Lykion ton Ellinidon"
(Photo: Archive of Lykion ton Ellinidon of Larissa)
The chairman and the Director of Lykion in New York with the bishop Dimitrios
(Photo: Archive of Lykion ton Ellinidon of Larissa)
Traditional Costume of woman Vlach
(Photo: Archive of Lykion ton Ellinidon of Larissa)

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"Lykion ton Ellinidon"


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"Lykion ton Ellinidon" (=Lyceum of Greek Women) of Larissa was founded in 1979, completing 29 years of cultural presence and offer in our city and in our country, recording and presenting traditional dances, songs, customs from the rich Greek tradition which dates back to ancient times and which is the product of a long-lasting research.

"Lykion ton Ellinidon" is managed by a 16-member council, with Chairman Mrs. Thelma Zitonouli. Since 1986, professor Dimitris A. Tsiplakoulis is the director and with his rich inquiring actions and responsible search, he created an important hive of popular culture.

The traditional dance courses of "Lykion ton Ellinidon" constitute the basic aim of its action, without, however, to be limited to just to those classes. LEL’s wardrobe includes old authentic costumes in a large variety, as well as exceptional affluent traditional jewels, elements that should be pointed out.

Apart from these areas of activity, "Lykion ton Ellinidon" is occupied with ethnological, philosophical and other subjects of Greek culture and tradition.

Dilou 17 – Neraida
P.C. 41222
Tel.: 2410 9624379 – 2410 534754
Fax: 2410 534754