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Culture Sights - Monuments Bayrakli Mosque Larissa

Bayrakli Mosque
(Photo: Archive of Papakonstantinou- Kassou)
Bayrakli Mosque
(Photo: Archive of Papakonstantinou- Kassou)

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Bayrakli Mosque


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Bayrakli Mosque is located in the centre of market, in the contribution of streets Papaflessa and Ossis. It was thus named, because it is said that the imam of this mosque raised a flag, giving signal to other imams of the district so as to call people to pray (Bayrak in Turkish means flag).

Today, the only remains are two walls of the central space of the holy altar, which were incorporated in a newer building. It is noticeable for its excellent brickwork, a very similar work someone could admire at Bezesten (a fifteenth-century building, served as a covered market). Both of them are dated in the same period (15th - beginnings of 16th century.