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The sides of Kissavos
(Photo: Pitsoulis-Ntagas (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
Forest on Kissavos
(Photo: Gravanis (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
On its sides are shaping small streams
(Photo: Gravanis (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
Mountain bike
(Photo: Gravanis (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
The mountaineering path O2
(Photo: Archive of Ntagas)
Descant of gorges
(Photo: Pitsoulis-Ntagas (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
The Mountaineering Shelter of Larissa’s Greek Mountaineering Association on the site Kanalos
(Photo: Pitsoulis-Ntagas (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))

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Kissavos or Ossa mountain is located north-eastern of the Prefecture of Larissa and it is separated from the Lower Olympus by the valley of Tempi. Eastern it ends in Aegean Sea while western it faces the plain of Larissa.

The reference of the name of Ossa, in the mythology, is in the efforts of giants to place the three big mountains together (Olympus, Ossa, Pilion) in order to reach the gods. The Ossa is referenced for the first time with the name Kissavos from Anna Komnini in "Alexiada" (12th century). This is also the name that prevailed and it is known in the wide public.

The tallest peak of Kissavos ("Prophet Elias" 1.978 m.) has conical form and is visible from almost all the Prefecture. Here is found also the graphic chapel of Prophet Elijah which is rammed in the ground.

Kissavos has rich and dense vegetation that includes forests of beech, chestnut-tree, arbute-tree, fir and oak and cedars, plane-trees, cornel-trees, lime-trees and blackberry bushes. A big region is characterized "Aesthetic Forest of Ossa" and is protected from the Pan European Network NATURA 2000.

On its sides are found graphic villages and are shaping a lot of small ravines and streams, creating very beautiful waterfalls, impressive gorges and small lakes. The most impressive gorge is that of Calypso, in the eastern sides of Kissavos, an astonishing beauty gorge drowned in the green, with deep spotless lakes.

Its Eastern side leads to the Aegean Sea shaping a lot of small bays with splendid beaches with spotless waters.

Constitute ideal destination for activities of alternative tourism, as mountaineering, descant of gorges, mountain bike and crossing with vehicles 4x4, as it is crossed by well marked paths (O2) and is having organized climbing fields. Also the Mountaineering Shelter of Larissa’s Greek Mountaineering Association on the site "Kanalos" (1.604 m.) is having suitable infrastructure for the service of the visitors.