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Aginor Asteriadis, The city (Larissa), 1969, egg tempera painting, 165Χ170 (donation of Κ. & Ν. Asteriadis)
(Photo: Archive Δ.Π.Λ.- Μ.Γ.Ι.Κ.)
Aginor Asteriadis, Water supply in Larissa 1930 onwards
(Photo: Archive Δ.Ε.Υ.Α.Λ.)

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Fine arts (late 19th century – first half of 20th century)


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In the late of 19th century- beginnings of 20th century, painters who lived in the wider region of Larissa, were mainly influenced by post- impressionism and the style of Modern Greek painting of the generation of 30’s.
Basic criteria in order to compose a field of study for the group of painters mentioned above, were their future progress of their work in a national and international level, their special bonds with Larissa and the level of the integrity to Larissa’s everyday life and socio- cultural practices these days. It is worthwhile to be mentioned, that Larissa after its liberation at 1881 had many difficulties to mature intellectually and artistically. The existence of a Larissian consciousness as far as it concerns artistic events, if someone tried to characterize like this, it would have been perceived only as an exaggeration.
However, a “Thessalian Common Effort” (this was the name of the salon of arts that artists by themselves had established in the city of Volos) has been made by the following artists:
Aginor Asteriadis (Larissa, 1898- Athens, 1977), Vasilis Ithakisios (Mytilene, 1879- Athens, 1977), Danihl Danihl (Tirnavos, 1914- Athens, 1988), Giorgos Rikas (1908), Zisis Tsaprazis (1911- 1975), Dimitris Oikonomides (1913- 1915), Dimitris Katsikogiannis (1915- 1922), Yannis Papaioannou (1920).
Aginor Asteriadis shared his anxieties with many artists during 30’s. He was student of Nikolaos Lytras, while during his mature period; he was influenced by Fotis Kontoglou. He studied in depth the style of Byzantine art and many other traditional techniques. At the International Exhibition of Paris, as wells as, the Book Arts Exhibition, of Athens (1939) Aginor Asteriadis was awarded for his work.
Vasilios Ithakisios (given birth in the Akrotiri of Mytilene), named him " the painter of Olympus", because during summertime from 1928 up to 1940, he lived alone in a cave of the mountain and in a height of 1.680 m., he created above than 500 paintings, in his effort to experience and to represent the beauty of Greek nature.
Danihl Danihl, who came from Tirnavos (a town close to Larissa) was a painter who loved to paint landscapes, flowers and portraits. He was student of Vikatos and he kept also contact with Parthenis. He followed his studies in Europe at 1950, he elected Headmaster of the Superior School of Fine Art at Tinos, and he also elected a Professor at Athens School of Fine Arts at 1972
The first exhibition in Larissa, after Second World War, was organized in 1956 and it was the personal work of Aginor Asteriadis.

Reference in Greek:
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