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Culture Arts Sculpture Larissa

Work of Philolaos (Tloupas) at Alcazar park.
(Photo: Archive of V. Tsolakis)
"Sculptured river" by Nella Golanda (1992-96), parts A and B. Square Taxidromeiou.
(Photo: Archive of N. Golanda)
"Sculptured river" by Nella Golanda (1992-96), part C. Square Taxidromeiou.
(Photo: Archive of N. Golanda)

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The town of Larissa was adorned since the period between the World Wars already, by busts of prominent national or public figures. Those busts were made by sculptors who worked in the region at that time.

In the period following 1980 notable sculptures of stone, metal and marble made by well-known local artists were erected on the town squares, malls et al that changed the appearance of these sites and achieved an artistic intervention in the dense structure and uniformity of the place.

«The wheatear» of Larissian St. Papanikolaou welcomes the visitors on a junction of broad avenues (that is also the entrance of the town), and some of his other works, «Ecstasy», «Birds» and «Mother and Child» keep the Larissians company while they stroll along the Mall.

The statue by Tirnavite sculptor G. Kalakalas, of the father of Medicine, Ippokratis, which is also situated at one of the entrances to town, incarnates the agony of the ancient doctor.

A sculpture by Larissian Filolaos Tloupas, rises above the Monument of National Resistance in the park of Alkazar.
Below the Metropolitan church of Agios Achillios, just before the bridge spanning the Pinios, is a work of sculptor M. Papastergiou, the plastic form of a horse in metal - symbol of the thessalian cavalry in antiquity and directly linked to the thessalian land.

Finally, the two large squares of the town, the central one and the one with the Post Office (Tahidromiou), are adorned by two sculpted rivers, by Nella Golanda, that attempt to conjure up the picture and sound of rushing waters.