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Penios River
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Penios in Mythology


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Penios, the god river of Thessaly, were according with the myth, son of Oceanus and Tethys. With the Nymph Creusa, daughter of Ocean and Gaia(Earth), gave birth Hypseus and the Stilbe, mother of Lapithus ancestor of Lapiths. Daugther of Penios was also the Nymph Daphne, priestess of the Mother Earth, who reject the love of the Greek God Apollo and pursued by him she resorted to the valley of Tempi, where she invoked the Mother Earth, who transformed her into the plant laurel.

According to another myth, Olympian Gods was jealous the favor of Apollo for the beautiful mountain, Pindus, in which he had entrusted his beloved Muses and Nymphs. Thus the Apollo in order to cancel the bad plans of gods wedded Pindus with a beautiful and brave young man, Ligkos (the current mountain Chasia). From the union of the beloved and happy pair began to pop up magnificent valleys and enchanting landscapes in the Western Thessaly. This vexed more the Gods who demanded their separation. Vainly the two mountains begged and poured bitter teardrops in order to leave them united, the Gods hard and anpersuaded forced the pair to separate. From then Pindus and Ligkos (Chasia), longing for their lost love and happiness, continuously shed tears. By this teardrops was created Penios that springs from the point of the separation of the two beloved mountains.

An other myth is saying that it was a mother with three children. The one, the biggest, was called Acheloos, the second Arachthos and the third Penios. They lived all together on Pindus mountain. One day, the children woke up and they saw that their mother was absent. They searched but they did not found her nowhere. Therefore they decided to take different directions searching and shouting. The first child went towards Vrachori (Agrinio) tearing impetuous the mountains and foaming. The second went towards Arta and the third, Penios went down to Thessaly. They did not found nowhere their mother and despaired fell into the sea and drowned themselves.