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Reading Room
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
The Public Centre of Information
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)

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Public Central Library of Larissa "Konstantinos Koumas"


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The Public Central Library Larissa has a big number of books of general content, philosophy, religion, social sciences, technology, linguistics, literature, positive sciences, arts, sports, geography and history.

The first books of collection were mainly from the donations of Pipinopoulos, Logiotatos and the Intellectuals Association. The number of volumes was 1800 with publications from 16th until the 19th century as well as some manuscripts.

When the library became Public, apart from the old publications, there were received also 10.000 volumes of books of various categories.

Today, it has a collection of 60.000 books of which the 20.000 have been computerised by the program ABEKT 5.5. Moreover, there is an archive of local newspapers and 500 titles of periodical publications. It is very important to mention that this period is in development the digitalisation of the library’s old books from 1500 until 1899.

The lending takes place in the 1st floor of the building with a lending card. In order to become a member of the library, you must have with you your police identity. As soon as the registration is completed you can lend one or two books from the collection of the library.

Books that you can’t lend:
• Informative material: Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, maps etc.
• Rare books, old publications
• Magazines, newspapers
• Books that do not have multiple copies.
This material can be used in the reading room and can be given for photocopies apart from the rare and old books.

The material is being lent for 15 days with the possibility of extension.

Department of Internet
The Department of Internet is on the 1st floor and it is addressed mainly in students that seek information in the Internet. The research becomes with the assistance of the librarian.

Public Centre of Information
The Public Centre of Information is accommodated on the 2nd floor of building. It is a room with ten computers, printers etc, with internet access.

Schedule of the Library
Monday - Friday 7.30 - 14.30
Thursday afternoon 16.30 - 20.30
Saturday 8.00 - 14.00

Monday - Friday 7.30 - 14.30

Papakuriazi 47
P.C. 412.22
Tel.: 2410.533390 (Director)
Tel. of Lending Department: 2410.531973
Tel. of Computerisation Department: 2410.538228
Fax: 2410.549390