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Mock-up of the new building
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
Mock-up of the new building
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)

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The history of Public Central Library


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The first efforts for the creation of a library in Larissa began in 1891. In this period, the library constituted the fundamental core of the Municipal Library of Larissa, the creation roots of which are found in the first "Kitapia" - "Deuteria" and Codes of the Christian Community of Larissa during the Ottoman Occupation.

In the end of 1939, the creation of the Municipal Library was decided by the Municipal Council. The first administrative committee of the municipal library of Larissa was constituted by: the Mayor of Larissa Stylianos Asteriadis as Chairman, Dim. Hatzigiannis, Agam. Asteriadis, Kon. Makris and P. Papavasileiou. The first elected ephor of the public library was the member of the administrative committee Konstantinos I. Makris from Tirnavos of Larissa.

With its creation, the library was installed in the old Turkish Mosque near the Square of the Palaces (today’s Blanas Square). Three donations constituted its base: a) the Donation Pipinopoulos, b) the Donation Logiotatos and c) the Donation of the Intellectuals Association, with an amount of 1800 books. The characteristic the first two donations is that they were constituted by publications from the beginning of the 16th c. till the end of the 19th c.

Also the municipal library had in its possession a collection of ancient coins and statuettes. Unfortunately during the German occupation, the archaeological collections and lots of old books were lost.

After its liberation, the library went in another municipal building on the Skarlatou Soutsou Street behind the Central Square of Larissa. In 1972, with decision of the municipal council, the Library was given to the newly established Ministry of Culture and became Public. In 1976, it was characterized as Central and it was transported in a rented building on the street Papakyriazi 47.

Today, in the library work six permanent employees, while within the framework of the EPEAEK program are occupied with conventions of work of certain time two TE librarians and a driver.

The new building of the library
From the first day that the library became Public, the efforts to have its own building began. These efforts came true in September 1989 with the purchase of a plot of 1450 m2 from the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Larissa - Tyrnavos - Agias. In November 1992, the made the call for the study of the work under the contribution of the YPEPTH. In May 1998, with the completion of the processes of the study, it was auctioned the work by the DIEFES of YPEPTH with a budget of 1.600.000.000 Drs (4.695.525 Euros). The adjudication of the work became in the sum of 756.320.000 Drs (2.219.575 Euros). In February 1999, the contractor company was installed in the plot and the work of the construction of the building began.

From October 2007, a new contractor company undertook and the new building on the street 28 October is expected to be completed in the beginning of the summer of 2009.