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The Festival of Penios


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The Municipality of Larissa organised cultural events in reformed historical watercourse of the River Penios with the title "Feasts of Penios" for the first time in June 2000. Nowadays, these events constitute an important cultural happening with Pan-Hellenic range.

Today the "Feasts of Penios" is an official multicultural Festival that is organised every year in June, in the watercourse of Penios with many visitors.

During the Festival, there are informative kiosks of hundreds and more co-organising institutions, associations of Larissa and not only, with various themes such as culture, art, environment, volunteerism and social solidarity. These kiosks cover a surface of the 4km, giving the possibility to the visitors of experiencing a big feast, which is in harmony with the natural environment.

There are also organised important theatrical performances, music concerts, athletic activities in Penios, as well as art exhibitions and various happenings, in order to offer unforgettable experiences for all ages.

In parallel, there is the "Traditional Town", which is an event based on the axis: protection of the environment - cultural heritage with the participation of 30 co-organizers. It has two parts: a) The Traditional village, in which the feminine cultural associations and the agro-touristic cooperatives of the wider region participate, in order to exhibit their products and to present their activities, and b) the associations of agriculture, the certification centres of biological products, the centres of the florists and in general the various institutions of ecological interest.

In the "Traditional Town", apart from product exhibitions, there are organized various events, such as scientific conferences, ecological events and speeches, and specialised demonstrations.