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The logo of the newspaper
(Photo: Archive of the Journalistic Organization ELEFTHERIA )
The businessman G. V. Dimitrakopoulos, founder of the newspaper ELEFTHERIA
(Photo: Archive of the Journalistic Organization ELEFTHERIA )
The editor V. G. Dimitrakopoulos (1936-1945)
(Photo: Archive of the Journalistic Organization ELEFTHERIA )
The editor P. G. Dimitrakopoulos (1945-2004)
(Photo: Archive of the Journalistic Organization ELEFTHERIA )
The first page of the paper of 26 June 1964
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The first page of the paper of 14 December 1967
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The technical facilities of the Journalistic Organization ELEFTHERIA
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"Eleftheria" Newspaper


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The beginning
The "Eleftheria" made its first appearance in Larissa, the morning of 19 October 1922 as a weekly newspaper. Two months later(15 December), it is established as a daily newspaper and the fact is considered big daring act, so much because the previous attempts of other editors had led to a failure, as because Larissa, in the years of ‘20, was a small provincial city, with 25.000 residents – the most of which illiterates. Despite all these, the new newspaper is succeeding to create its own readers, to open the advertising market and to extend its circulation in the entire prefecture. In this contributed two factors: the promotion of the local publicity (with small, but flexible journalistic staff) and its intact printing appearance (with the most modern printing machines of the time).

The founder
Founder and editor of the new newspaper is the 41 years old businessman Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos. Born in the village Lykosoura of the Megalopolis of the Peloponnese in 1871, he goes in Athens, in the age 9 and he begins to work as newsagent in the central agency of the Athenian Newspapers. Ten years (1891) later he moves in Volos where he creates his own enterprise - a small agency of newspapers distribution. In 1909, in Almiros, becomes an extension of the newspapers agency and the foundation of a bookshop and printing-house. While, in 1914 is extended in Larissa, buying off the newspapers agency of the Papakonstantinou brothers and founding one more bookshop.

However, the big accomplishment of G. Dimitrakopoulos is the publication of the "Eleftheria", directors of which the first years were, two personalities of Larissa, Antonis Sitras (1922) and Vasilis Naos (1924). G. Dimitrakopoulos, died in 1967, in the age of 96.

The continuity
In 1935, the direction of the "Eleftheria" undertakes the first-born son of G. Dimitrakopoulos, Vasilis. Hardly 25 years old and graduate of the Law School, V. Dimitrakopoulos, renews the technological equipment, modernizes the paging and enriches the subjects (mainly with subjects of culture), achieving a rise of the circulation. However, this course stopped in 1941, with the invasion of Germans. The "Eleftheria" and the "Imerisios Kirikas" - the other newspaper of Larissa - they are published henceforth under the common title "Larisaikos Press", and V. Dimitrakopoulos is forced to move in Athens, developing there other enterprising activities.

After the liberation, begins to have active participation the second son of G. Dimitrakopoulos, Panagiotis. P. Dimitrakopolos, was born in Volos, but was installed in Larissa from his childhood. From 1945 (when he undertook the newspaper), up to his death, (in July 2004, in age of 88), was the one who connected his name with the biggest achievements of the "Eleftheria". He was the first provincial editor who passed his newspaper from the typography to the linotyping (1951) and from linotyping to the photocomposition and the offset printing (1981). But also from the first editors who modernized his newspaper, with electronic technology (1992) - renewing very often its equipment. All these, combined with the many subjects and the valid information of the newspaper, had as result the "Eleftheria" to exceed today to 22.000 papers, the number of the advertising registrations to increase considerably, with absolute reciprocity and the economic independence, from the one side to allow its order operation and from the other guide its objectivity.

After the death of P. Dimitrakopoulos, the direction of the "Eleftheria" undertook his wife Danae Dimitrakopoulou, who until July 2004, had the journalistic responsibility of the operation of the newspaper’s Office of Athens.