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The Guild of Bakers of the Prefecture of Larissa


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The Guild of Bakers of the Prefecture of Larissa is in Larissa and it was founded in 1919. Its objective is to promote the financial, social and professional interests of the sector. Apart from the trade-union part, it gives the possibility to its members to create a co-operative store for the benefit of the consumers. By compressing the production cost, the products end up to the consumers in an accessible price.

The members of the guild in the prefecture are 215.

The Bread Festival
For three years, the Guild of Bakers celebrates the World Day of Bread in 16 October, which coincides with the World Day of Nutricion. With this festival, the Guild organises various events in order to promote the value of the bread to humans.

In 2006-2007, the Guild organised the Bread Festival in the central square of Larissa, where there were distributed various types of bread.

In 2008, the members of the Guild visited the institutions of the city, the Mayor and the Prefect. Also, they visited the children of the 5th Primary School of Larissa, where they gave bakery products and they spoke with the children for the making process of bread, as well as the importance of neighbourhood’s bakery nowadays.

During the Festival, the Guild invites nutritionists and organises conferences with main subject the nutritional value of the bread.

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