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6th Nursery-Preschool Station of Larissa (Neraida)
14th Nursery-Preschool Station of Larissa (Ippokratis)

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Municipal Organization of Nurseries-Preschool Stations of Municipality of Larissa


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The Municipal Organization of Nurseries-Preschool Stations of Municipality of Larissa was founded in the 28/02/1996 based to the article 42 of the Law 2218/1994

The Organization having totally under its supervision twenty one (21) Nurseries-Preschool Stations in all the geography of the city, covers the needs of working mothers.

The Nurseries-Preschool Stations of Municipality of Larissa constitute Pedagogical Centres, that are providing education to the babies and the infants through the dialectic between child-educator-environment.

Aim of the operation is to offer:
• Preschool education that follows the most modern pedagogic methods and corresponds in the needs of each age for the all side and overall intellectual, sentimental, social and bodily growth of the children.
• The daily keep, care, daily alimentation, education and entertainment of the babies and the infants, that because of the work of the both of their two parents or other social cause they do not have.
• Special pedagogic programs of environmental, circulatory, museum education e.c, as well as contact with the community, that offer to the child opportunity for acquisition of special knowledge, of growth of his personality and socialization.
• Sensitising, briefing and reflection of the parents on issues of education, psychology and relations with their children.
• Programs of preventive medicine.

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