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Koumas Konstantinos (1777, Larissa-1836, Trieste)


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He was born in Larissa and died in Trieste of Italy. His remains were brought to his home town on 16/12/1965, where he was reburied on 9/1/1966 at public expense. Educator, philologist, philosopher, translator and mathematician, he received great honours from foreign rulers and academic institutions. He worked hard to spread greek education, knowing how important it was for the Greeks and the revolution of 1821.

His great fame reached foreign leaders and academic institutions. He was consumed by passion for education and fought to have chemistry, physics and natural sciences included on the school curriculum. He contributed decisively to raise the national morale and incarnated the idea of freedom with his own life.

He received his basic education at the school of Ioannis Pezaros in Tirnavos. At the age of 21 he taught in Larissa and afterwards in Tsaritsani, at the church of which he explained the Gospel in modern Greek. He formed a friendship with Iossif Rogon and Konstantinos Ikonomou. He left with Anthimos Gazis in 1804 for Vienna, where he went to university.

He taught mathematics at the Philological School of Smyrna and philosophy, mathematics and greek at the Great School of the Nation (Megali tou Genous Sholi). He returned to Greece in 1834 planning to organise the education system and then returned to Trieste. He preached that «Independence is gained with the weapon of Knowledge and the knowledge of weapons».

He was a prolific writer and particularly occupied himself with the translation of works.
He translated the «Digest of Chemistry» by Aditos (1808) and the work «Agathonos» by Wieland. He published the four-volume work «Constitution of Philosophy», «Synopsis of Historic dates», Synopsis of old Geography», «Synopsis of Sciences», «Dictionary for the students of books of old Greek writers» (1826), «History of the Avdirites» by Wieland (1827), «History of human actions, from antiquity to 1831» (1832), «Greek Grammar» (1833), «Geography» by Valvi (published after his death).

A statue of Konstantinos Koumas was ordered by the Municipal Authorities of Larissa and his name was given to a central road of the town to honour him.

Source: TEDK N. Larissas, Guide - Region of Larissa, Publications "ella", 2002