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Pezaros Dimitriadis Ioannis (1749-1806)


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A fervent and knowledgeable aficionado of classic greek civilisation. He was born in Tirnavos, received his primary lessons from Ioannis Agrafiotis and Lambros Paschos and continued in Giannena beside Kosmas Balanos and Kirilos. Although he had a financial problem, he continued his studies at the school of Athonos, where he took lessons of modern philosophy from the student of Evgenios Voulgaris, Kiprianos (1771).

He studied many religious writers and taught at the newly established school at Livadi of Elassona (1768-69) and at the School of Tsaritsani (1771-76), attracting many students by his fame. At various times he was asked to teach in many schools of the country, but he preferred to offer his knowledge to his home village.

In 1780 he took on the famous School of Tirnavos in place of the late Lambros Paschos, and kept that position until his death in 1806.

Prior to that in 1790, after his marriage, he was ordained priest and became a bursar.

As a preacher, he taught the Gospel at 16 churches of his home village, Tirnavos. His students include Konstantinos Koumas, Stefanos Doungas, a scholar who served in the forces of Alexandros Ipsilantis in Moldovlachia and the doctor and philosopher Dionissios Piros. Many of those taught during the Turkish Occupation in Thessalia, Makedonia and Constantinople.

At the Archive of Tirnavos in the National Library, his letters to many scholars of the time, with whom he corresponded, have been preserved.

Source: TEDK N. Larissas, Guide - Region of Larissa, Publications "ella", 2002