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Archaic Era - Roman Period
Byzantine Larissa
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Perevos Hristoforos (1773-1863)


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A pen-name of Chrissafis Hatzivassiliou, stating his origin. He was born at a village of Olympus, was a writer and a chieftain of the Struggle.

He studied at the Greek School of Bucharest and later in Vienna. He associated with Rigas and became his friend and worthy continuator of his fights. During a trip to Trieste of Italy, he was arrested and so was Rigas. The intervention of the French and his french citizenship, helped him to be released. He taught for a while at the schools of Kerkira and then became attendant of the Russian prince Michail Dolgorouki.

He went to Lefkada with 4 hundred-men units to reinforce the defence of the island against Ali pasha. The return of the French to the Eptanissa in 1807, find him adjutant of governor Berquet with the rank of chiliarch. In 1814 he was banished to Varleta of Naples. In 1817 in Moscow, he was initiated into the Filiki Eteria and submitted a revolutionary plan for the whole of Greece, to emperor Alexander. He passed through various parts of Greece (Mani, Souli, Tripoli), generously offering his knowledge and his experience as a political illuminator. Having resigned his military duties, participated in the battles of Skiathos, Abliani, Skala, Haidari, Arahova, Attiki, Distomo, Keratsini and Petra.

In 1825 he was commissioned as a general of the Revolution. As an envoy of Thessalia, he participated in the National assembly of Argos in 1829.

In 1863 he was commissioned as a major-general and on 5 May of that same year, he died.

Some of his works are: «Commendatory anthem from all of Greece to commander-in-chief Bonaparte, a poem by Christoforos Perevos. In Kerkira, sixth political year» (1798), «History of Souli and Parga» (1803), «Combat memoirs of various battles between Greeks and Ottomans at Souli and Eastern Greece from year 1820 to 1829», «Biography of Rigas the Thessalian».

Source: TEDK N. Larissas, Guide - Region of Larissa, Publications "ella", 2002