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Protected regions of Larissa’ s Prefecture


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In the Prefecture of Larissa are recorded the regions that follow as legislated and protected from the Greek Legislation, because they present big ecological, aesthetic but also historical interest.

Olympus National Park
With Parnassos mountain they constitute the first regions in our country that was nominated National Parks with Royal Decree from 9.5.1938, OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC 248 A/1938, because of the combination, with an ideal way, of the big historical and natural value. Also the Olympus National Park has been declared by the UNESCO as "Reserve of the Biosphere". The core of National Park occupies extent 4.450 ha and in its majority belongs in Macedonia. A small part of its western region is only found in Thessalian ground. The perimetric area of the National Park still has not been determined.

The value of the mountain is very big so much from aesthetic and ecological point of view as from historical. Is observed a big variety of ecosystems as ravines, forests of black pine, forests deciduous and mixed, alpine meadows. It has been calculated that in entire the mountainous volume of Olympus exist 1700 species of plants.

Aesthetic Forests
In the Legislative Decree 996/1971 (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC A 192 6/10/1971), the aesthetic forests are defined as "forests or landscapes having particular aesthetic healthy and touristic importance, up to imposing the protection of fauna, flora and particular natural beauties" and are the following:
• Forestall cluster of Larissa’ s Ossa, PD 5/5//1977 (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC 175/D/1977)

Landscapes of particular natural beauty
The landscapes of particular natural beauty are regions that have big aesthetic and cultural value, regions that are particularly expedient for the amusement of the public and contribute in the protection and the efficiency of natural resources because of their particular natural or anthropogenic characteristics. Such landscapes for the Prefecture of Larissa is the Tempi Valley, Ministerial Decision 25777/8.11.68 (FEK648/V/25.11.68) <>

Areas of Controlled Hunting
With decision of M. of Agriculture, have been legislated areas of shelters of the preys (shelters of the wild life) in specific areas of Larissa’s Prefecture, as well as Controlled Hunting Region on Ossa (Kissavos) mountain. In this region is allowed the hunting under terms with the publication each year of the programs of hunting in the OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC. Is determined additional dues, are programmed days of hunting, number and price of hunting types. Are essential the satisfactory attendance and preservation of the already legislated areas, something that today does not become in satisfactory degree because of the vague delimitation or because of mistaken administrative metres and because of the insufficient personnel.

NATURA Regions
The regions of the NATURA 2000 network of Larissa’s Prefecture are the followings:
• Lower Olympus-Kallipefki, as Place of Community Importance with code GR1420001
• Aesthetic Ossa’s Forest, as Place of Community Importance with code GR1420003
• Karla - Maurovouni - Kefalovriso of Velestino - Neohori, as Place of Community Importance with code GR1420004
• Aesthetic Forest of Tempi Valley, as Place of Community Importance and Area of Special Protection for the birds fauna with code GR1420005
• Maurovouni mountain, as Area of Special Protection for the birds fauna with code GR1420006
• Ossa mountain, as Area of Special Protection for the birds fauna with code GR1420007
• Lower Olympus, Godamani mountain Valley of Rodia, as Area of Special Protection for the birds fauna with code GR1420008
• Narrow pass of Kalamaki and Zakros mountains, as Area of Special Protection for the birds fauna with code GR1420009
• Narrow pass of Kalamaki, as Place of Community Importance with code GR1420010

CORINE Regions
They are the most important biotopes of our country, according to the recording that became in the frames of CORINE BIOTOPES PROJECT and in the Prefecture of Larissa are the below:
• Maurovouni of Larissa, with code A00010044
• Narrow pass of Rodia of Tirnavos, with code A00030012
• Lower Olympus mountain, with code A00030013
• Ossa (Kissavos) mountain, with code A00030014
• Meadows of Terpsithea, s with code A00030017
• Tempi Valley, with code A00060016
• Mati of Tirnavos, with code A00060017
• Gentiki hillock, with code A00060019

Important regions for birds IBA
The important regions for birds IBA of Larissa’s Prefecture are the following:
• Narrow pass of Kalamaki, with code 047
• Lower Olympus, Tempi, Ossa, Penios Delta 048
• Maurovouni mountain 049

Wetlands of enrollment of the Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre(EKBY)
The Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre completed and published in June 1994 a complete list of the most important wetlands of Greece. In this are included all the wetlands that are reported in previous categories (NATURA, CORINE, etc). Moreover however, it reports also other which in the Prefecture Larissa are:
• Penios River, with code 140116000
• Elassonitikos River, with code 142119000
• Titarisios River, with code 142120000.