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Economy Productive Sectors Larissa

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The secondary sector of the economy


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The secondary sector, in the area of Larissa possess the second place between the productive sectors with percentage 22,52 %. The heavy industry of Larissa occupies about 37% of the Region of Thessaly and the sector of industry-artisanship alteration of rural products about 38% of the Region.

Four particularly dynamic sectors of production and alteration of the products, which are activated and developed, represent the 75% of enterprises. It is the units of foods and drinks, of textiles, of enterprises of ready clothing, of artisanships of the manufacture of furnitures and of agricultural instruments. Many of them export but also develop activities and outside of the borders of the country.

Industrial and artisanship’s installations exist so much in the city as in its borders, on the basic roads. They are factories of paper pulp, cotton gins, weaving factories, spinning-mills, flour industries, industries of timber and foodstuffs, silk-mills, pottery industries, tobacco industries, soap industries e.c.

Main linear growths of industrial and artisanship’s installations are the axes of entry and exit of the city as the roads Farsalon, Sokratous, Ioanninon, National Road of Kozani, old National Road of Volos and the section of the old National Road Athens-Thessalonica that it crosses the city where are existing concentrations of small artisanships. This concentrations are either in developing areas of residence or in areas where are created new prospects of growth and exceed the borders of the Municipality of Larissa, intruding in the extents of the around communities and reaching usually up to the corresponding settlements.