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The tertiary sector of economy


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Sovereign productive sector in the area of Larissa is the tertiary sector, which in 2001 absorbed more of the half of the employment. The recognition of the city of Larissa as a pole for the growth of services, begins to appear more afterwards 1981, when is observed an obvious swift increase of the tertiary sector and correlatively an intense reduction of the other two sectors in the total GNP.

The city of Larissa is in the most central point of Greece. It assembles operations of a first level settlement and constitutes, afterwards Athens and Thessalonica, one of the most important urban centres of the country. Also, it is on the main road and railway axis of the country that links this two big urban centres (northern and southern Greece). At the same time it is connected with the western department of the country (Epirus). The above characteristics render it as one of the most dynamic urban regions, because of its geographic location.

The central location of the Prefecture of Larissa regarding the road networks of the country, the nomination of the city of Larissa in a regional administrative centre and its vicinity with important local centres, turned the population in choices of professional occupation of the tertiary sector. They are mainly focused in the commercial activity, with main export products the agricultural and the textile manufacturing, and in the sector of various services, with emphasis in the administration and in the wider public sector, with percentage of 58,4% of the GNP.

The city of Larissa includes the 72,8% of the employees in the Prefecture and is knowing a characteristic growth of services (Public Administration, Banks, Safeties), of health (General, Academic Hospital), of education (School of Medicine, Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of the University of Thessaly, T.E.I.) and of tourism. Because its position it has a big number of hotels, while areas of the Prefecture, as the mountains Olympus and Kissavos and the beach area of Aigani-Sklithro are offered for touristic exploitation.

The services of the touristic service has began finally to be developed in the Prefecture of Larissa with successful results. Sovereign forms, apart from the already known are the agri-tourism and the alternative tourism, that are contributing in the increase of the regional economic activity and in the creation of a inseparable chain of public and private services and foundations.