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The central offices of the "Kosmos" Newspaper
(Photo: Archive of "Kosmos" Newspaper)
The central offices of the "Kosmos" Newspaper
(Photo: Archive of "Kosmos" Newspaper)
The city office
(Photo: Archive of "Kosmos" Newspaper)

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"Kosmos" Newspaper
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"Kosmos" Newspaper


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The "Kosmos" is the newest daily newspaper of Larissa which is published since 4 April 2006, covers daily – except the Weekends - the needs of the modern reader for a fast information based on local news and already has conquered the second place in readability between the local newspapers of the Prefecture of Larissa (Research of Readability of the Region 2007 - Ministry of Press).

It daily distributes 14.000 leaves so much in the city of Larissa as in the big regional municipalities like Elassona, Farsala, Tirnavos, Agia etc.

It is sent in a considerable number of subscribers, inside and outside the Prefecture of Larissa, while a big number of papers is disposed via special showcases (stands) which is placed in selected exterior or internal places as well as from the kiosks.

Someone can find the newspaper out of banks, Departments of Taxation, public organisations, in the Technological Educational Institute of Larissa, in the hospitals of the city, in gyms but also in shops of special interest as the Goodys, the Starbucks, the STER cinemas, the Praktiker, the Gaea Life Style Center, the Pantheon Plaza etc.

Still can someone find the "Kosmos" in stands which are in central squares and crowded pedestrian streets, as well as from the local Super Market Larissa which numbers 34 shops.

Finally it is important to mention that the newspaper is also disposed in electronic form through web page.

3rd km P.E.O. Larissa-Athens
P.C. 41335
Tel.: 2410.555540
Fax: 2410.553066
City Office: Koumoundourou 11
P.C. 41222
Tel.: 2410.533130
Fax: 2410.533110