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The drained lake of Kalipefki
(Photo: Kassou A. (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
Traditional residence
(Photo: Kassou A. (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
Church in the village
(Photo: Kassou A. (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
Traditional residence
(Photo: Kassou A. (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
Family of farmers in their land in Kalipefki's plain
(Photo: EKBY (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))
Amusement area
(Photo: Kassou A. (Archive of N.G.O Dryas))

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Kalipefki is built at 1,054m. alt. on Lower Olympus, 56 km from Larissa. The village was named Kalipefki because of the pine forest around it. During antiquity the area was belonging to Perevia The town was built during the later roman period and was an Episcopal see, since the 10th c. AD, dependent on the Archbishop of Larissa. During the Ottoman Occupation, it was also the headquarters of klephts. South of the village was existed the lake Askyrida up to 1911 year that was drained. The lake had extent 5.314 acres and was known in since antiquity. The last decade is discussed intensely the reconstitution of the lake for reasons of ecological balance, environment and tourist development of Lower Olympus.

The village is surrounded by thousands acres of dense forest of beech, oak, fir and pine. Its forests constitute enormous park with paths, forestall streets, springs with clear water, scattered country chappels and areas of amusement like "Patomeni" and "Agia Triada". Easterly of the village is raised the peak "Metamorphosis" with altitude 1550 m., and fascinating view to Chalkidiki, to the Aegean sea and to the plain of Thessaly. In the westerners is raised, covered with pines and firs, the peak "Analipsi" with altitude 1300 m. and view to Thessaly and Olympus.

In the centre of the village exists the stone built square with plane trees and traditional cafes and taverns where can each one enjoy coffee, tsipouro and food. Interest causing and the innumerable taps that are found in and outside of the village with exceptional quality water.

In the summer of 2003 was organized in there the 1st Festival of Narration of Lower Olympus from the Educative Cultural Association "PATOMENI" in collaboration with the University of Thessaly and the Pan-Hellenic Group of Friends of Narration and followed from then other two. In the feast of S. Apostles (29 June) in the village is realized a thee-day fair assembling crowd of people.

Source: N.G.O. Dryas, The cultural heritage of the Municipality of Gonnoi, Larissa 2008