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On the borders with the Prefecture of Pieria is Karia. It has altitude 900 m. and it is approximately 79km from Larissa. The village was named by the plenty walnut trees that always existed in the area. There it was the important passageway that linked Perevia with the coast line of the Prefecture of Pieria. The persian armies of Xerxes the Romans passed though here. Ruins of an acropolis of the classic and roman periods are found near to the village on the peak «Titnata». During the Ottoman Occupation, the village demonstrated intense revolutionary action.

Karia is famous for the most excellent climate and its wonderful natural environment. Entire the region northern and easterly the village is covered with 40.000 acres of forest of fir, pine, oak and beech which are flowed by streams and recommending monument of unrivalled natural beauty. International path O2 begins from Karia and with labeling leads to the peak "Mitikas" of Olympus.

The Kanalon Monastery (11th century) with important murals and the temple of S. Nikolaos (1807) with wooden curved iconostasis popular technique, they constitute important monuments of village.

The visitor can stay in the local pension and buy local meat, tsipouro, mountain tea and tasteful dairy products.

The village celebrates on 23 August with traditional musical and dancing events. On 8 September celebrates the Kanalon Monastery, while in August becomes in the peak Mpehtesi (1,300 m.), event dedicated in the constitution of the first guerrilla team of the region in 1942.