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The building of STHEV
(Photo: Archive of STHEV)

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Association of Thessalian Enterprises & Industries(STHEV)

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Association of Thessalian Enterprises & Industries(STHEV)


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STHEV was founded in 1957 with its base in Larissa and it is a non-profit making association of Civil Law. It is the heart of the economic activity and business world in Thessaly and it also represents an established social partner, who resolutely contributes to the creation of favourable conditions which are in favour of business activities and of all economic development in general.

Therefore, STHEV serves principles and not expediencies. The major characteristics of its activities are the clarity of its intentions, the responsibility of its positions and the effectiveness of its initiatives and actions, with faith in dialogue and social consent.

STHEV basically aims at development based on powerful production methods and the competitiveness of the economy, but with special respect to the environment.
As far as STHEV is concerned the central medium for this development is private initiative. The company is the heart of what we call free market economy and private initiative.

It is the Association's obligation to defend private initiatives and to motivate the business world of Thessaly to correspond to society's needs.

The companies in Thessaly have to deal on daily basis with many challenges, new opportunities but also dangers. The Association actively supports the efforts to meet those challenges by:

· the adaptation of the best methods in business administration emphasising in total quality
· the continuous adjustment of production and products to the development of technology
· the continuous improvement of the labour force


STHEV was founded in 1957 with its base in Larissa and it is a non-profit making association of Civil Law. Its activity is financed basically by the subscriptions of its members.

Its members are the legal persons, the industries, and its activity expands to the entire region of Thessaly. The Members of the Association are as well companies' organisations, the members of which are considered extraordinary members of STHEV.

Its ordinary members, are companies of various sizes. Most of them are SME's. STHEV makes great efforts to support their business activities.


STHEV mainly provides its members with services of representation and support, in the promotion of research and innovation, in the promotion of exports, in the education, in the information, in the career networking, and in the enterprising solidarity.

1st km P.E.O Larissa-Athens
P.C. 413 35
Tel.: 2410 555507
Fax: 2410 555509