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The car of the Program Help in the House

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The Program "Help in the House"


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"Help in the House" is a care program, staffed from Social Functionals, Nurses and Familial Assistants that offer services with regular visits in the houses of individuals that have need.

The Program’s objective
Its general objective is the rendering of specialised services in the old persons who live alone, in order to maintain their autonomy and to remain in their familial environment, as well as to support the family of the old person.

It is addressed to:
• People who live alone.
• Old men who cannot self served.
• Old men who need special care.
• Old men who do not have sufficient resources.
• People with special needs of all ages.

The program is subsidizes by 75% from the European Fund of Regional Development of the European Union and by 25% from the Greek State. All the services are provided free of charge.

The program began in February 2004, it is materialized by D.E.T.P.O.L and it is supervised by the Municipal Organization of Social Policy. From its first year of function "Help in the House" has a positive impression in the society of Larissa. Today, it has 2 Social Functionals, 2 Nurses and 2 Familial Assistants.

The Program is flexible as the frequency of visits changes according to the needs. The collaboration with the preferential programs of Social Policy Organization is invaluable, like:

• Feeding in daily base.
• Function of the washing-machine and ironing.
• Economical aid.