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Reading Room
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)

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Municipal Library


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The Municipal Library was inaugurated in February 2005 by the Mayor of Larissa, Mr. Konstantinos Tzanakoulis.

In a short time, it was created a library on the first floor of Chatzigianneio with books from donors, such as M. Papaioannou, G.I. Katsigras, D. Chatzigiannis and from other citizens of Larissa.

Moreover, in 2005 the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Larissa bought an important number of books with the economic aid of the Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Larissa (D.E.Y.A.L).

The Municipal Library constitutes a place cordial, amusing and friendly, where the citizens can read in the reading room, take information and borrow books.

The library has books from all the fields of knowledge (Literature, History, Social Sciences, Philosophy, etc). There is, also, a sector for children (age 1+) with modern books.

The objective of the Cultural Organization is to enrich continuously the library with new books, so that all the needs of citizens to be covered.

• Ancient Greek writers (ed. Zacharopoulos)
• Poems of the ancient Greek writers (Papyros)
• Selected works of the Modern Greek Literature (Estia)
• World Theatre (Dodoni)
• History of the Greek Nation, by "the publisher of Athens", 15 volumes
• History of the Greek Nation of Paparrigopoulos
• History of Greece of Kordatos
• Large Dictionary of Greek Language of Dimitrakos
• Large Greek Encyclopaedia
Also, there are rare books published in 1920-30-40-50.

The borrowing is done with a card, where the librarian fills the personal information of the borrower and the information of the borrowing book. The borrower must have with him his identity card and can borrow up to 2 books for 15 days.

Daily from 09:00 to 13:00, except the weekends.

Rousvelt 59
P.C. 41222
Tel.: 2410-671173