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Culture Sights - Monuments Early Christian Basilica of Frourio Larissa

General view of the early byzantine basilica at Frourio
(Photo: Archive of B. Tsolakis)
General view of the early byzantine basilica at Frourio
(Photo: Archive of B. Tsolakis)

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Early Byzantine Basilica at the Hill Frourio


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It is a three nave basilica temple dedicated to Saint Achillios; we lead to such a conclusion after studying epigraphic testimonies. It was built the 6th century A.D. on the top of Saint’s grave. It is maintained in the level of foundations and it is adorned with mosaic floorings at the splint. The grave of Saint can be identified with the cupola- covered grave of the northerner nave, that brings painting decorations with crosses.

The temple was repaired in the Main Byzantine period after it served as the Bishopric Church of Larissa and part of it was used as cemetery, as well as, the same function had an extensive space in Eastern. At the surrounding area, excavations revealed parts of temple, as it is known; basilicas were surrounded by residences, deposits, baths, and charitable institutions. In the dues of 15th century, when Ottomans built Bezesten, north to the temple, they granted to Christians other spaces to serve their religious needs and thus the temple it was moved westwards.