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Culture Sights - Monuments Byzantine Temple - Cemetery of Frourio Larissa

Main byzantine period temple and cemetery at Square of Lamproulis. General view from the west
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
Main byzantine period temple and cemetery at Square Lamproulis
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
General view of the cemetery
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)

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Byzantine temple - Cemeteries (Hill «Frourion» /Square Lamproulis)


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In the centre of hill of Frourion were revealed a Byzantine temple and a department of cemetery.

Main Byzantine period temple
It was initially a single space temple with a semi-circled arch inside the holy altar that was surrounded with a collonade. According to the discoveries it is likely to be categorized typologically as a three nave basilica temple with splint. It is dated in the 11th-12th century but steps on an Early Byzantine building. Its ruins have been incorporated in the northern part of Square Lamproulis

Byzantine cemeteries were located in various points of city, as there are some in the fringes of city, in the district Tampakika, in the Aerodromiou Street, in Nikitara Street, in the district Hippocrates and in the centre of city. At the Hill Frourion was excavated the cemetery of a temple of the Main Byzantine period. The cemetery is constituted by tile roof graves and two ossuaries.