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1st volume of Thessaliko Imerologio
4th volume of Thessaliko Imerologio
10th volume of Thessaliko Imerologio
15th volume of Thessaliko Imerologio
27th volume of Thessaliko Imerologio
31th volume of Thessaliko Imerologio
41th volume of Thessaliko Imerologio
50th volume of Thessaliko Imerologio

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Magazine "Thessaliko Imerologio"


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"Thessaliko Imerologio" (= Thessalian Calendar) is an historical magazine which started to be published in 1980 and so far have been published 54 volumes.

In these volumes are presented a lot of unpublished sources of Thessalian History, such as codes, community documents of 18th - 19th century, letters of scholars, remembrances, etc., revealing different aspects of the history of Thessaly.

At the same time were published, in translation, almost all the documents of the European travellers (17th - 19th century), as well as the studies in ancient and medieval Thessaly of many foreign historians and archaeologists.

Six volumes are special editions of which the 4th one is dealing with the monasteries of Thessaly, the 5th one with the education of Thessaly at the Ottoman Domination, the 12th-15th-19th volumes with the Byzantine Thessaly and the 31st one with the Greco-Turkish war of 1897.

In 2000, the Academy of Athens rewarded "Thessaliko Imerologio" and its editor Kosta Spanos for his contribution in the Thessalian History.