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The new building of the Ethnographical Historical Museum of Larissa
(Photo: Archive of Ethnographical Historical Museum of Larissa)

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The Ethnographical Historical Museum of Larissa


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The Ethnographical Historical Museum of Larissa, Central Museum of Thessaly, constitutes a reference point to the cultural activity of the area, a bridge with the local society and a pole of attraction for local and foreign visitors.

The Identity of the Museum
The Ethnographical Historical Museum of Larissa is a Legal Person of Private Right and is subsidised regularly by the Ministry of Culture. It was founded in 1974 by a small team of Larissa’s citizens that envisioned the creation of a Museum of Modern Culture in the Thessaly.

The Museum plans and applies periodical-thematic exhibitions, scientific meetings, conferences, and scientific publications (folklore, local history, archaeology, ethnography etc.). Its scientific personnel records systematically and substantiates the collections of the museum, researches and presents the aspects of the tangible and intangible modern culture of Thessaly. The museum collaborates with big museums of the country, with academic and other cultural institutions, with local museums and cultural associations, with the Prefecture and the Municipality in order to organise its cultural activities.

With its content and its actions, the museum promotes to the European and International community the physiognomy of the city of Larissa and its wider region modern history.

The new building and the re-exhibition of the Museum
The new building of the Ethnographical Historical Museum is in the district Charavgi and is a work of the Direction of Restorations of Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture (included in the P.E.P. of Thessaly). The building has ground floor, 1st floor, loft and a basement. There will be the Permanent Exhibition. In the building, there will also be a library, laboratories, a canteen, a sales store, a hall of multiple uses, and the offices of the administrative and scientific personnel.

The re-exhibition of the Museum, in a building of high standards, is carried out on the basis of the modern museological perceptions and new technologies. Its objective is the dissemination of the economic, social and cultural identity of Larissa and its region.

In the Permanent Exhibition, the presentation of the collection is carried out in thematic units that focus in sectors, such as the primary production (agriculture, livestock-farming) and the manufacturing activity in the Thessalian area (fabric, costume) etc. The interiors of the Thessalian residences, the traditional and modern workshops reflect the tangible culture of Thessaly from the end of 19th till the means of 20th century.

Kouma 23
P.C. 41223

New Building
G. Gourgioti and Argyrokastrou
Tel: 2410 239446
Fax: 2410 287516