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The collections of the Ethnographical Historical Museum of Larissa


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The collections of the museum count today more than 20.000 objects which are extended from 16th till the means 20th century. These collections are continuously enriched by donations and purchases. A special category are the unique collection of wood-forms and printed fabrics, the equipment of the dyeing laboratories of Tyrnavos, as well as the rich collections of the engravings from the 15th till the beginnings of 20th century.

The Museum has, also, a remarkable collection of works of secular and ecclesiastical silverware, minor art, stone art, wood art, metal art, painting, pottery, embroidery and weaving art, as well as selected objects from rural life and urban house.

In the Historical Archive, there is a rare archival material, such as many rare publications and manuscripts from 16th till 19th century, maps and photographs from the end of the 19th till the beginnings of the 20th century.

The Permanent Exhibition of the Museum is organised in thematic units and its objects has been recorded and substantiated by the museum’s specialised scientific personnel.

Periodical Exhibitions
The Museum, at the same time with the units of Permanent Exhibition, organises from the end of the '70s a lot of periodical exhibitions with various themes in reference to:

• The museum objects,
• The historical archive and
• The scientific researches of the Museum.

In this way, it is promoted the folklore, historical, anthropologic and ethnological identity of Larissa. In every new periodical exhibition, there are organised parallel events, such as conferences, educational programs, artistic events etc.