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The building of the Archaeological Museum of Larissa (Yeni Mosque)
(Photo: Archive of Papakonstantinou- Kassou)
The building of the Archaeological Museum of Larissa (Yeni Mosque)
(Photo: Archive of 15th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classic Antiquities of Larissa)

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The Archaeological Museum of Larissa


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The Archaeological Museum Larissa is accommodated today in the Yeni Mosque, which was built in the dues of 19th; it was a donation of Queen Olga to the Muslims that were left in the city of Larissa.

It is the newest of the mosques that existed in Larissa during the period of Ottoman possession and it is in a very good condition. Exhibits are hosted to the main hall of the building.
The Archaeological Museum of Larissa has a permanent collection with Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic and Roman exhibits.

As the visitor enters the museum he can enjoy all the above exhibits of different periods. In a prestigious post the visitor will see the unique Neolithic menhir. Most of the exhibits came from the wider region of Larissa, while some of them came from an important tombs’ cemetery of Saint George region.
Vessels of classic and Hellenistic period give to the visitor a quite good picture of the great work of Thessalian art masters.

Wintry: 08:30 - 15: 00

Monday is closed/
Tuesday - Sunday: 08:30 - 15:00
Information 1st 31 August Street, 41221, Square of Mplanas
Tel. 2410 288515