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Culture Sights - Monuments Ippokratis Monument Larissa

The monument of Hippocrates
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A.)

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Ippokratis Monument
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Monument of Hippocrates


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The monument of Hippocrates, father of Medicine, is opposite Alkazar Park.

Hippocrates was born in Kos Island in 460 b.C. However, he has lived the last years of his life in Larissa and also died in 377b.C.

In 1826, a flood of Penios River revealed his grave in the exit of city, in the street to ancient “Girtoni”. Near there, a cenotaph was set up and also a marble statue in 1978, work of sculptor Georgios Kalakalas from Tirnavos.

In 1986, a Medical Museum was founded in his cenotaph from the chief doctor Dimitrios Paliouras. It includes the marble plate from the grave of Hippocrates, the sculptured busts of Health, Asklipios, Fleming, G. Papanikolaou and the founder’s. Moreover, it includes medical books and photographs.