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Chamber of Larissa


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The Chamber of Larissa was established in 1946 in Larissa by a royal decree and with a publication date no.173/volume Α/25-5-1946 in the Newspaper of Greek Government.

The mixed form was maintained until 1978, after pressures of the businessmen, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded separately by a legislative decree. Under this special legislation and for ten years, from 1978 to 1988, they operate in Larissa two chambers.
With the law 1746/1988 article 20 FEK À/8-1-1988, they operate as united chamber, “Chamber of Larissa”, and with this form functions until today.

It carries on a commercial activity (here it is implied the general meaning of the term "commercial") within the area of Larissa under the monitoring of Ministry of Development concerning the legitimacy of its acts. The Chamber of Larissa and keeps a detailed archive for all of its activities; very soon the above information will be digitalized and the citizens could have an access to it.

Main objectives of the Chamber of Larissa are the protection and the development of entrepreneurship in area of Larissa within the framework of the national economy.
Its priorities for the developmental prospects of the businesses at the national and international level, are defined by the social and economic reality of our country, as wells as by the European Union strategy.

44 Papakiriazi Street,42222
tel: 2410 255388
Fax: 2410 257522