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logo of KETA of Thessaly
(Photo: Archive of KETA of Thessalyu)
1st Contest of Business Planning proposed by young enterpreneurs, TEI of Larissa
(Photo: Archive of KETA of Thessaly)
1st Contest of Business Planning proposed by young enterpreneurs (June 2004)
(Photo: Archive of KETA of Thessaly)
Workshop in business planning (February to May 2008)
(Photo: Archive of KETA of Thessaly)
Workshop for small and very small enterprises (February to March 2008)
(Photo: Archive of KETA of Thessaly)

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KETA of Thessaly


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Centre of Business and Technological development of Thessaly (ΚΕΤΑ of Thessaly) is a specialized unit that supports and enhances the enterprising spirit.

It is a non- profit organization and it is governed by a boarding committee which includes members of four different chambers (Chamber of Larissa, Magnesia, Trikala, Karditsa), of association of industries, and other developmental companies of the above prefectures.

An objective of KETA of Thessaly is the support of human resources in the business sector and its further education. The use of new Technologies and effective management of economical resources are of great priorities of KETA.

KETA of Thessaly provides special support to each unit of entrepreneurship:
Informs and mobilizes resources of a company
Makes business forecasting though the operation of a relevant observatory
Organizes the market of business consultants
Enhances B2B collaborations
Supports initiatives that could transform a local profile of an enterprise to an international one.

KETA of Thessaly occupies scientists and specialized business consultants for every economic sector.
It promotes efficient models to strength the enterprising spirit and it has already a portal with all the available tools provided online.

24 - 28 Kiprou Street/ Larissa
tel. 2410 - 538860/1