Yeni Mosque


Yeni Mosque is located in 31 Avgustu Street next to the Square Mplanas. His founder and his exact chronology of its construction are unknown. According to the architecture of building and to its neoclassic decorative elements, it is dated around 19th century.

It is the newest of the mosques that existed in Larissa during the period of Ottoman possession ([Yeni] = means new). It was used to be a place of praying for the Muslim community until the year 1924; when exchange of populations started. From 1939 until 1941, Yeni Mosque hosts a small archaeological collection and the library of municipality. The archaeological collection has been looted partially during the years 1941-44.

The building suffered damages from the earthquakes of years 1941, 1955 and 1957. It was repaired off-handedly and it was decided to be transformed into an archaeological museum. The earthquakes of 1980 caused once more damages in the building. From 1983 – after the above repairs until today, it is accommodated in this, the Archaeological Museum of Larissa.

Yeni Mosque today
(Photo: Archive of Panagou E.)
The yard of Yeni Mosque
(Photo: Archive of Panagou E.)
Interior view of Yeni Mosque
(Photo: Archive of Panagou E.)

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