"Sintianka" and "mintzia"


"Sintianka" - meeting - and "mintzia" were a way to organise the agricultural work with solidarity.

"Sintianka" was the night work of the women starting from September till the first cold of October and it was more a habit than a custom.

Women of all ages were gathered in crossroads or in squares, they turned on fires and sat around them. They took their distaffs or their spindles in order to spin wool and make spinners.

Its objective was mainly social as it constituted a type of a bride bazaar. In sintiankas, unmarried girls were accompanied by their mother, their married sisters or their aunts. During the night, boys were also gathered and promenaded around girls, and they discussed which girl they were going to marry.

"Sintiankas" lasted until midnight. The unmarried boys and girls had more freedom at this period, because their fathers were away in the mountains, in order to bring woods for the winter.

The song of the girls had particular lyrics and a special style of interpretation. It should be long, penetrating, to be heard loud in the night, in order to send its love messages to the chosen one.

In the past, every year, women called the young girl to help her peel off the corns. The girls dressed well and went in her house late in the evening.

Before they began to work, they set the table and dined. After diner, girls worked -singing and saying stories and jokes. Boys were gathered there too.

Girls put flowers at their ears, providing that way the possibility in each boy to express his love by removing the flower. When the girls remained without flowers at their ears, the boys kissed them goodnight and left. When the work finished, they ate again and they slept.

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