The buildings of Averofeios

Ioulia Kandila

The Averofeios Agricultural School of Larissa had the chance to be accommodated from the beginning of its operation in privately-owned new buildings and to be equipped progressively with all the essential laboratorial and stocking rooms, that were ensuring so much the possibility of the theoretical and practical teaching, the residence of the students and the personnel as the systematic exploitation of the property and the operation of the agricultural industries. For the manufacture of the buildings were used the best materials, as the big bequest of G. Averof ensured this possibility.

The facilities of the School occupy a fenced area, with total extent of almost 42 acres. It is a completed group of 43 buildings that was manufactured in various periods. From the 43 buildings of the School, the 33 were built in the beginning of the twentieth century (1908-1914), the building of library were built in the decade of 1930, while the rests were built after 1945 and up to 1968.

The facilities of Averofeios School are structured in three levels. In the first level impression causes the symmetrical placement of the buildings in the space. Entering someone in the space, sees the central building with the big clock on the roof. It is with the building of the library the most imposing buildings. This building from the beginning of the School was used as school building and boarding school. Left and right of the central building are two buildings similar outside and inside, that were used as offices and residences of the professors and as office and residence of the director. Behind precisely from the central building is the restaurant and left and right of it two similar again buildings which were the wine factory and the cheese dairy. Between them and left of the central building is the building of the library, which was manufactured in 1930-1932. Impression causes in the particular building the exterior marble stairs with big dimensions and monumental character. It is the unique building that is enough exalted. Remaining auxiliary spaces supplement the first level.

In a second and third level are the remaining installations, essential for an agricultural school which was functioning at the same time as a profitable property and was occupying apart from the instructive personnel a big number of commissaries, workers and servants: residences of commissaries and workers, deposits of fruits and fuels, pigsties, cow houses, pen, apiary (it is not saved), hennery, sheds of agricultural machines, carpenter's workshop, various sheds, water-tank, e.t.c.

They are substantially architectural creations, mainly the main installations. The size of the buildings, their place in the space, their particular morphological and architectural characteristics compose a appreciable total, representative of its season and unique in the region of Larissa.

In 1993 with the decision of the Ministry of Culture all the building group of the Averofeios School was characterized as work of art and historical preservable monument. In the causative of the decision it is reported that "it is a very appreciable and representative sample of group of buildings with educational character, with particularly morphological, architectural characteristics and eclecticistic elements which express the architecture of its season, unique for the region and integral connected with the memories of the residents of the region". Many of the buildings of the School today have been renovated and they are used for its educational needs while others are in the stage of restoration.

Air-Photograph of the Agricultural School
(Photo: Archive of the Averofeios Agricultural School Of Larissa)
The central building of the School which was used as school building and as boarding school
(Photo: Archive of the Averofeios Agricultural School Of Larissa)
Some of the School's buildings
(Photo: Archive of the Averofeios Agricultural School Of Larissa)
The old cowhouse and next to it the silos which were manufactured later
(Photo: Archive of the Averofeios Agricultural School Of Larissa)

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