Ioannis Ikonomou “the Larissian”- Logiotatou (1783- 1842)


Ioannis Ikonomou “the Larissian”- Logiotatou born in Larissa around 1783 and he died in 1842.

After his studies under K. Koumas and at the schools that he directed (Tsaritsani, Ambelakia) he travelled from 1896 to 1815 at Mountain Athos, Constantinople, Mouantain Sina, Alexandreia, Smyrni. He was well-travelled without being away from his permanent place of residence (Larissa) all the time.

He met Vilaras in Larissa in 1815, where he decided to stay permanently. His association with him helped him to clarify which language to write in and in his works and letters, the influence of the teacher is apparent.
Ioannis Ikonomou “the Larissian”- Logiotatou spread his activity to the social and intellectual sector and kept contact with the Filomousos Etairia and Filiki Etaireia. He played important role for the rebirth of bourgeoisie in Larissa through Filiki Etaireia.

He tranlated into demotic greek “True story of Loukianos Samossateos” and he wrote the “Historic topography of part of Thessalia – 1817”.

We know that he made a first attempt to write “An Introduction to Astronomy” but he only collected some notes. Important work of him was the “Letters of various persons, copied by myself, I. Ikonomou Larisseos, 1823, July 25” which gave to us many information about the intellectual circle of Ioannis Vilaras in Larissa.
The library of I. Ikonomou, which came to the State from the Municipality, became the basis for the Public library of Larissa, with rare and important editions.

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Source: TEDK N. Larissas, Guide - Region of Larissa, Publications "ella", 2002

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