The Municipal Ballet School of Larissa


The Municipal Ballet School of Larissa was founded in 1989. Since then it has managed to create a trend of classical dance in Larissa. The teaching method is based on the solid principles of the Russian System. Distinguished dancers have sprung from the Professional Level Preparatory Class of the Municipal Ballet School. It is great successes in Pan-Hellenic, European and International Competitions have distinguished and established its name. As a result of the successful course and the blossoming of dance in Larissa, came the foundation of the Higher Professional Dance School of Larissa (1997) and that of the Thessalian Ballet.

The Higher Professional Dance School offers professional dance studies and professional personal qualifications. The Thessalian Ballet is the Dance Team which enrolls graduates and students from the Higher Dance School, talented students from the Professional Level Preparatory Class of the Municipal Ballet School, as well as collaborates with dancers from Greece and abroad.

They are housed at a restored building in the historical place of the Papa's Mill. They have at their disposal 2 studios for dancing and the Scene of Ballet, which was inaugurated in 1997. All the spaces are of high functionalism and aesthetics and abide by the required specifications for the correct and safe teaching of dance. With regards to the Scene of Ballet, it is the only School of Dance in Greece that has at their disposal a special theatre that can be used as a space for classes to take place and for the Professional Level Preparatory Class, the Higher Professional School of Dance and the Thessalian Ballet to exercise.

Georgiadou 53
P.C. 41447
Tel.: 2410 256464
Fax: 2410 535300
Email: balletsc@otenet.gr

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