Urban KTEL


The city of Larissa for the service of the internal transportations disposes urban KTEL supplied with new modern buses.

In 2008 functioned the "Completed telematic system of the dynamic information of the public and the automatic edition of the tickets of the urban transportations". The system aims to facilitate considerably the passengers, offering to them modern qualitative and automated services with the use of advanced technological means.

The new system includes:
• 14 automatic salesmen of the tickets that have been placed in central points of the city,
• 14 smart bus stops in points with big passenger rally,
• possibility for the briefing of the citizens for the transports via internet,
• system GPS in all the buses, but also automatic system for the collection of the transportation charges, via intelligent cards, system for the notification of the stops for the briefing of the passengers,
• informing for the traffic of the passengers and the hours of the peak, via the invalidating machine, so that is given the possibility of a more equitable planning of the itineraries.

Information for itineraries
Tel: 2410.533903

The urban bus of the line 1 (Livadaki - Neapoli)
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
The bus stop Square Laou - Odeum
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
The bus stop Court of Justice
(Photo: Papakonstantinou A. - Kassou A.)
Map of the itineraries of the urban KTEL

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