Kostas Tsiropoulos

Psyrras Thomas, Literature in Larissa (19th to 21st century), Draft, Larissa, 2008, in Greek language

Kostas Tsiropoulos born in Larissa at 1930. He graduated from Aristotetle University of Thessaloniki. He followed law studies in Aristotetle University and history of art in Barcelona and Paris. For many years he wrote in the national newspapers Kathimerini.

He wrote poems, philosophical and literary studies and travelling chronicles.

He also translated many Spanich and French writers and he edited the collection of poems of P. Papaditsas. He was awarded with the A’ Greek National Award for Novels (1979). In 2006 he was awarded by the Academy of Athens for his contribution in Greek Letters.

His works have been published and they are available only in Greek language.

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