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Environment Penios River Larissa
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Penios River
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The morphology of Penios river

Penios river is river of Thessaly, which took its current form, afterwards the removal of the water of the formerly big Thessalian lake from a crack that was created in the valley of Tempi.

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The bridge of Larissa

For centuries, the symbol of Larissa for its Greek and Turks residents, constituted the nine-arch stone bridge of the city. It was built in the position of the first department of the nowadays existing bridge of Penios river, that was manufactured in 1950 and it was bridged the old(historical) watercourse of the river.

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The historical course of the river

Humans exploited the waters of the river already from the new stone age (6700 - 3300 BC), which is characterized by the productive activity (cultivation) and the permanent installation.

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Penios in Mythology

Penios, the god river of Thessaly, were according with the myth, son of Oceanus and Tethys.

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