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The Jewish Presence in Larissa 1st part

The largest Jewish Community of Thessaly and the third largest of Greece has always been and still is today, the Jewish Community of Larissa. The Jewish Community of Larissa has roots that reach to the antiquity.

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The Jewish Presence in Larissa 2st part

The Community of Larissa developed significantly between the 15th and the 18th centuries, when it was given the title "Madre d' Israel".

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Morals and customs (Birth, religious adultness, marriage, death)

The Jews of Larissa safeguarded, as much as it was possible, the customs and their traditions, despite the inevitable effects of environment and their necessary adaptation to it.

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Jewish Feasts

The Jewish feasts are full of symbolisms and meanings. They were preserved, and they are preserved, as much as, it is possible, from the Jews of Larissa, until today.

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Deportation & Holocaust / After the Liberation

Before World War II, Larissa had 1,020 Jews. Several members of the Community in arms participated and fought the enemy in many fronts.

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Administrative Organization - The Community today

The Jewish Community of Larissa is a Public Entity of religious and charitable nature that functions under State Law 2456/20.

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