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Sarakatsanoi constitute an old wandering race which lived has in the geographical area of the Agrafa mountain.

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The way of life

The tseligato was a partnership which was taking care of the exploitation of the production. Either they were on the mountains to spend the summer, or during the winter in the fields, brothers and cousins joined together their flocks for the better productive collaboration and disposal of their stock-farming products.

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The Marriage

The marriage of Sarakatsanoi, known as "joy", constituted the most important event in their life and it was a very cheerful event full of songs with wishes for the newly married for their new life.

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Manners and Customs: Legislation- Gourmpania - Dances - Songs

In the old times Sarakatsanoi did not resolve their differences in the courts, but with the advices of the old men and the decision of kehagias (arhitseligas).

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The Costume of Sarakatsanoi

The costume of Sarakatsanoi is characterized by the gravity of the dark colours and the symbols which are impressed on it.

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At the last Sunday of June becomes in the Pertooli of Trikala the Pan-Hellenic meeting of Sarakatsanoi. This one as well as and other local which are becoming also every year, in places that usually Sarakatsanoi were spending the summer, are helping in the maintenance of the trdition but also in the tightening of the relations Sarakatsanoi.

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