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Culture History Archaic Era - Roman Period Larissa
Archaic Era - Roman Period
Byzantine Larissa
Ottoman Period
Liberation - 20th Century
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Administration - Hegemonic Houses (7th century B.C. until the 2nd century B.C.)

Larissa means fortress or acropolis and it is a Pelasgian- prothessalian name. According to mythology, the city was built by Larissos, the son of Pelasgos, approximately 4000 years ago.

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Macedonian Sovereignty - Roman Sovereignty - the Great Ancient Thessalian Feast ┬źEleutheria┬╗ (=dedicated to the God Eleftherios Zeus)

Around 4th century B.C., Larissa city, in its effort to maintain its force and its primacy in the institution of "tageia" (=leadership), was involved in a battle with its competitor, Farsalos city and with the help of forces from Central Greece, Larissa overcame Farsalos. This victory however exhausted the city and it is likely that Larissa lose her autonomy because of that previous defeat.

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Monuments which weren't preserved (Classic - Roman Years)

The interconnected layers of dwelling, the different needs of citizens in each period brought many changes in the topographical - urban web of the city of ancient Larissa. A lot of monuments that are known to us from historical sources, today don't exist. "Saving" excavations that began from 1973, revealed many important clues for the ancient urban planning.

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