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Archaic Era - Roman Period
Byzantine Larissa
Ottoman Period
Liberation - 20th Century
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Early Byzantine Period (4th - 7th century A.D.)

With the rise of Great Konstantinos in the throne, the "transfer" of state's capital in Istanbul and the establishment of Christianity as official religion, Thessaly continues to constitute an administrative province, which belongs administratively to the Eastern Illyrikon and ecclesiasticaly to the Pope of Rome.

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Main Byzantine period (7th century - 13th century A.D.)

The prosperous early byzantine period, during which the life of the ancient Thessalian cities continues up to a point, slightly differentiated due to the influence of Christianity, is interrupted around the end of the 6th A.C. ...

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Late Byzantine Period (13th century- 14th century A.D.)

The first part of Late Byzantine Period is characterized by the French Invasion, which is short in Thessaly and lasts less than twenty years.

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