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Organization of Social Policy
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Social Policy Organization of Municipality of Larissa

The Social Policy Organization of Municipality of Larissa is a Legal Entity of Public Law that resulted from the unification of the legal entities "Social Solidarity Organization" and "Centre for Elderly Citizens" of Municipality of Larissa, with the "Family Care Centres of the National Organization of Providence".

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The Association of "Cores" of Municipality of Larissa

The Association of "Cores" of Municipality of Larissa constitutes a non-profit woman's union. The first volunteers began from 1975.

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Centre for Elderly Citizens of Municipality of Larissa

Centre for Elderly Citizens' aim is to stay the elder person in his house and in his neighbourhood as an active, equivalent and autonomous member. An important act is his encouragement for human relations inside the community and outside the institutions, in order to fight his isolation.

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The Program "Help in the House"

"Help in the House" is a care program, staffed from Social Functionals, Nurses and Familial Assistants that offer services with regular visits in the houses of individuals that have need.

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Advisory Station

The Advisory Station constitutes a service of the Organization of Social Policy and it is addressed to all citizens that are in awkward economic and social place.

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Units of Social Concern for Poorly and Elderly People

The general objective of this program is the rendering of services to the poorly and elderly individual, such as sentimental support, nursing care, practical services, re-establishment of relations with the community etc.

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